Technical design specification development
Product development is a stage-by-stage and complicated process. To ensure that none of the requirements of the business was not missed, and all ideas and solutions were sustained for use - the technical design specification is developed

Technical design specification

The basis of interaction between all participants in the development process: from the client to the site administrator.

And between them, there are the designer, the project manager, the developer, the content manager, the analyst, and the marketing expert. For their successful work, you need a document that fully describes the product, how it should be.

Idea and realization

A clear idea of what you want to end up with is half the success.

You can come to us with a finished specification, and if it is correct we will start working on the project.

If your requirements specification has some gaps, we are happy to help you fine-tune and expand it.

If you have no documentation at all - we will develop it.

Development and goal achievement

Refinement and improvement of the product, according to business requirements and time

Technical design specification helps you see the entire path of product development and opportunities for improvement.

The project team can be very large, documentation helps reduce the time and money to find and think about how it works and why you need that button.

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