Product development

We can help you decide why you create a site or service, and choose the best and most personalized implementation for your business

Stages of development

  • Analysis of requirements, goals and characteristics of the company
  • Solution proposal
  • Writing the technical design specification
  • Design
  • Development
  • Go-live

Comprehensive approach

We are guided both by your personal requirements for the website, and by what is currently happening in the market.

References, competitors, successful cases and typical mistakes in products with your own characteristics - all this falls under our careful attention, as a result of which we offer the most effective solution specifically for your request.

Flexible system of work

You can do the same thing in different ways.

We offer several solutions to your main objective with a description of the advantages and disadvantages. You can let us handle the product development entirely without your participation, or you can participate in the discussion of each stage, working on the product together with the team.

Development models

Our team works on two models: project-based and iterative.

The project model is great if you have a specific budget and fixed requirements for the product. After assessing the timing, cost and direction of the work, we implement the entire project. As a result, a full-fledged product comes to market.

The iteration model is convenient for creating large products or partially realized services which need more and more new features. We gradually develop and lay out the functionality. Each new option is discussed and implemented separately. As a result, the product is on the market and is regularly updated.

Solution selection

There are many types of IT solutions on the market to meet the needs of different business areas. We have gathered the most popular ones below and described them to make it easier for you to navigate.

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