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Product development

A landing page, a mini-site, a catalog, a mobile application, an online store - there are a lot of options for a company to enter the market.

To create a high quality commercial or image product we will perform a detailed analysis of your business needs and offer a custom solution that will meet all the requirements of the modern market, develop a product and help you with the launch.

Technical design specification development

Any work begins with a purpose and objectives statement.

To make the objectives look transparent, we will help you draw them up in the form of a technical design specification. This document will become a roadmap at the development stage and after implementation and introduction to the market it will help every professional working with the product to navigate around it.

Custom design

The way a website or product looks plays a big role in brand building.

Visualization can be a powerful weapon in the arsenal of your business. We'll create a custom design for a web product or develop a full corporate identity.

Maintenance and technical support

Launching a website is just the beginning of the journey. The first users and reports from analytical services will tell you where to go next, because the IT field is changing daily.

In order not to distract you from running your business, we will take over the technical support and maintenance of your product.

Our competencies in creating websites and applications
Our projects
We are developing websites since 2009 and during this time have implemented a lot of interesting solutions for medium and small businesses.
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